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A 6 Month creative business accelerator for artists, coaches, and mystic makers ready to take their business to the next level.

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Do you feel the push to promote your business, but also feel anxious to put your voice out into the world? Are you actively booking clients, but struggle to strategize new ideas for growth? Are you caught in the middle as you combat old paradigms of lack and hustle vs. growing your business from integral leadership and ease?

I see you. You have SO much heart for the work you’re putting out into the world. This passion within tells you this is your purpose in this life and that you can make a difference through your work. So let’s make that happen.

It’s time to emerge as a resilient problem solver, embody the bad-ass business owner you’ve always known yourself to be, and take your business to the next level.

Letting your business happen to you is no longer an option. Your passion, ideas, and vision have been hiding beneath the surface for far to long. It’s time to emerge as a resilient problem solver, embody the soul aligned business owner you know you can be, and thrive in your business with ease.

Join me on this journey and rise the empowered CEO of your business.


Let’s get practical: Business can feel pretty dang confusing. Paying your own salary can bring up fear, strategizing your messaging can feel overwhelming, and old beliefs can sneak up saying, “This is just the way it is.”

Over the past ten years, I have had the incredible opportunity to start and be part of many businesses and start-ups. From tech companies to brick and mortar boutiques, each business has its own story and its own hurdles. In witnessing and supporting each of these businesses and in navigating my own business journey, I’ve learned what it REALLY means to succeed, why your intuition is your best business coach, the gut-wrenching feeling of letting a business dissolve, and how to rise from the aftermath with an even clearer vision.

Above all, I’ve learned that when you decide to start a business, you become the key to its true success (hint: this means ANYTHING is possible!). You stand up for it, you determine its mission, you make its systems, you notice what feels aligned AND you don’t have to this journey alone.

Within this Business Incubator, we are going to navigate these things as a collective. Breaking through mindset blocks at the subconscious level, tackling incongruences in messaging, strategizing through specific business struggles, celebrating wins, and highlighting one another’s strengths.

Together, we are going to craft a new way for you to do business, so you can THRIVE as the incredible high achieving visionary you are.

You already have the vision.

You know what feels right for your business and have dreams of how you can grow it.

I’m here as a guide and a consult. To support you in mapping out that vision, taking action on your next right step, then working through any sticky spaces and limiting beliefs that come up along the way.

Whether you are launching your website, updating your brand messaging, breaking through an unsupportive belief, or expanding your mind so you can take your business further than you’ve ever gone before.

This incubator (and my consultation time) is yours to use as you need to step into possibility and expand your horizons. What do you really want for your business? Take it, it’s yours, and I’m here to help you claim it from the inside out!

Megan helped me brainstorm what my business would be from the ground up. She held my hand as I made big ass decisions and supported me in crafting a streamlined system for the entire backend of my business. She has literally been the reason my business is where it’s at professionally. Megan is creative AF and her history as a brand expert shows up time and time again. She sees the things I don’t and is incredibly honest and supportive as she calls out the things she notices. Megan is literally my secret weapon when it comes to strategy, design, and implementation, no one knows how to do anything like her! She’s a triple threat sovereign bad-ass coach helping folks reclaim their life, business, and dreams.”

Liz Pessaran, Life Purpose Coach

“Megan is incredibly personable and easy to communicate with, not to mention she helped me reach all of the goals I set including: launching my website, creating an online quiz, and even crafting a nurturing email sequence with a downloadable PDF for my users! Above all that, the biggest achievement was having Megan help me clarify and simplify my message to attract the right clients. She is brilliant at this! I always felt she was so committed to bringing out the best in me and finding how to best work with me. I now feel proud of my online-presence, empowered with tools to support my growing business, and more confident and capable in my message and services. I loved working with her and will continue to do so as my business grows!”

Kristi Conradie, Be Meaningful Courses & Products

Hello friend,

My name is Megan Colleen Johnson, or Megs Colleen, a life coach and creative consultant for high achieving visionaries who are ready to rewrite their story, move past their comfort zone, and step into the realm of possibility.

As a small business owner for over 8 years, I’ve been through the trenches and back. I know what it’s like to have no money coming in and feeling that #scarcitymindset like nobody’s business. I also know the opposite end of things when there are too many clients, not enough systems and burnout is just around the corner. Due to these experiences, I am incredibly passionate about rising above, stepping into the role of CEO and creating a business that is seeped in integrity, feels incredible (actually makes you money!), and invites me to expand with ease.

Along with my personal experience, I have my B.A. in graphic design and have worked as a professional photographer, designer, and creative marketer with corporate giants, New York Times Best Selling authors, Silicon Valley start-ups, lifestyle brands, and local small businesses and soloprenuers. A few folks I’ve worked with include: Steven Pressfield, Chris Guillebeau, Wilson Sporting Goods, Poly & Bark, Playa, Ramsey Solutions, Veramarx, gener8tor, relode, and many more. Utilizing my experience and education, I specialize in supporting small businesses owners with their brand experiences, brand messaging, digital design, and online marketing strategies.

This is where you give yourself permission rise.

During our time together, we will both honor and respect each other with —

Integrity: We will hold space for where you’re at, AND honor the shifts you’d like to see and feel within your business and yourself.

Curiosity: We will acknowledge the narratives and situations that orbit your experience, AND recognize that you are not bound to these spaces any longer.

Empowerment: You will be reminded that you have the ability to take ownership of the power you have within yourself, AND remind others of the power they hold within themselves, too.

Ease: We will navigate business growth recognizing it may hold uncomfortable learnings, AND we’ll let things be easy.

Community: I will be a mirror for you, AND a consult, as I guide you through this business reclamation journey.

“Working with Megan was so great. Her process was very hands-on and her communication made me feel taken care of. She was attentive to all my questions, and she really owned what I wanted for my brand. I came to her with a messy vision, and she took the time to educate me, and be my brand’s advocate. I left feeling like I have a brand that is clear, one that I feel proud of, and one that I am excited to build on. I can’t recommend working with Megan enough!

Taylor Mahlke, Owner Pen & Pillar
“I was drawn to working with Megan because I liked her blend of spiritual (reclaiming, embodiment, creativity) and practical (business, goal setting, a bit of no-nonsense). I also felt like her services were very personal and like she would help me create my own unique goals. Lastly, I knew she would identify with my experience of starting a business. During our time together I launched my website, which felt really big/scary/necessary and I also came to a peaceful place with my body/body journey that feels really powerful. Really, our time together felt very personalized, powerful, supportive, and creative. Megan helped me fight through the nerves and doubt that comes with starting a business—and seeing myself as an entrepreneur. She also held a really interesting, thoughtful space for me to work through shyness and image questions (read: not being overwhelmed by thinking people don’t like me…and thinking I’m too fat to be happy/pretty/successful). In summary, Megan is consistent AF and I applaud that!

Emma Eberle, Stitch Fix Stylist & Relationship Coach

This is for you if —

✨ You know you want to launch your new business, but need help getting across the finish line.

✨ You have big business goals, but you’re not quite sure how to bring them to life.

✨ Brand messaging feels a bit like a mystery and you want to hone things in.

✨ You’re in the trenches doing the work and yet you believe the trenches are not all there is.

✨ Your business is up and running, but you want to start leading it with soul.

✨ Business is feeling a little slow (hear those crickets??) and you are SO ready to reclaim the BIG dreams and vision you had when you started.

✨ You’re ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone and enter into the realm of possibility.


If you notice your heart swelling, your mind dreaming, your body aching as you close your eyes and remember your big dreams for your business, this is for YOU.

What’s Included:

6 x 2-hour live group coaching and mastermind calls + recordings of each call to access for life. – Valued At: $2,800

6 x live training sessions on topics decided by the group (5 guest speakers, first session is taught by Megan) – Valued at $2,800

Support via our “off the grid incubator” hosted on Mighty Networks. Reach out for support, get feedback, ask questions, whatever YOU need to take your experience and learnings deeper. – Valued at: $900

Office hours Voxer access to connect with me directly for coaching and consulting support. – Valued at: $1,200

Lifetime access to a growing library of training videos and resources (resources added based on requests) – Valued at: $3000+

Total Value: Over $10,700

Your investment:
One Payment Of $1,397
6 Monthly Payments Of $247

There are 9 total spots available, 6 spots left, for the June 2021 Intake

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Ready to start? Reserve your seat and get early access to our off the grid incubator by starting your payment plan and accepting our terms & conditions. Perhaps it’s a bit Woo Woo, but I believe your investment is not only a means to pay me for my time, expertise, and regeneration as your coach, it is also part of an energetic exchange with the universe as you say, I AM WORTHY OF ALL GOOD THINGS. You are investing in your growth, in your dreams, in your reclamation and I truly believe it will come back to you a million times over. You in?


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During our 30 Minute Clarity Call we will chat about where you’re at in business, where you’re feeling stuck, what you are desiring to see happen during this 6 month incubator. There is no obligation to book after our Discovery Call as it is specifically designed to support you in ensuring this is the perfect fit for your rising.